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Total Facility Management

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Unlocking Operational Excellence with Total Facility Management

Welcome to Komal Enterprise, your trusted partner in Total Facility Management (TFM). Our comprehensive facility management services are designed to empower organizations with seamless operations, cost-effective and a focus on core business functions.

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Our Total Facility Management Services


1. Maintenance Services

Our dedicated team ensures that your facility remains in optimal condition. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we’ve got you covered.

2. Security Services

Safety is paramount. Our security personnel are trained to provide round-the-clock protection, safeguarding your premises, employees, and assets.

3. Cleaning and Hygiene

We maintain a pristine and healthy environment through advanced cleaning practices and mechanized equipment, promoting productivity and well-being.

4. Waste Management

Our eco-conscious waste management practices minimize environmental impact while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Why Choose Komal Enterprise?


Our team comprises industry experts with a deep understanding of facility management best practices.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our TFM services to match your facility’s unique needs and objectives, offering a personalized approach.


Komal Enterprise is synonymous with reliability. Count on us for consistent and high-quality facility management services.


We prioritize eco-friendly practices, helping you reduce your facility’s environmental footprint.

Cost Optimization

Our TFM services are designed to optimize costs, providing excellent value for your investment.

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